• About the California Homes and Jobs Act (SB 391)
  • Who supports the bill?
  • Who is co-sponsoring the bill?

About the California Homes and Jobs Act (SB 391)

Everyone in California needs a safe and affordable place to call home. Rents and mortgages within the reach of working families are critical to maintaining California’s business competitiveness. Let’s get California building again.

The California Homes and Jobs Act will:

  • Create 29,000 jobs annually, primarily in the beleaguered construction sector.
  • Help businesses attract and retain the talent that fuels California’s economy.
  • Generate an estimated $500 million in state investment and leverage an additional $2.78 billion in federal, local, and private investment.
  • Deploy these dollars throughout California using a successful private/public partnership model, creating jobs and generating revenue for local governments.
  • Build safe and affordable apartments and single-family homes for Californians in need, including families, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness.

Who supports the bill?

Our supporters include more than 600 organizations (and hundreds of individuals) who know that building homes and creating jobs is a business imperative, a public-safety issue, and critical to helping California’s budget live within its means. Our supporters include:

  • Business
  • Labor
  • Veterans and Seniors
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agencies
  • Government and Elected Officials
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  • Environment and Transportation
  • Disability, Health and Mental Health
  • Statewide and Regional Community Groups
  • Construction and Development Companies

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Who is co-sponsoring the bill?

Housing California — Housing California is the voice in the state Capitol for children, seniors, families, people experiencing homelessness, and everyone who needs a safe, stable affordable place to call home.Since 1988, Housing California has been working to prevent homelessness and increase the variety and supply of safe, stable, accessible, and permanently affordable places to live. Housing California staff accomplishes its goals through education, advocacy, and outreach. We are on the ground in the state Capitol, with access to those in power.

Housing California is the go-to organization for decision makers on housing and homeless policy and legislation. We meet directly with legislators and their staff members — those with the power to create and pass laws that have widespread, long-term stabilizing impacts on California’s housing market. We support laws that make it easier for affordable homes to be built; our work results in greater variety and supply in the housing market and uplifts entire communities.

The California Housing Consortium — The California Housing Consortium (CHC) is the statewide “big tent” housing advocacy organization representing the development, building, financial, and public sectors united in a non-partisan effort to advance affordable housing and community development across California.

CHC’s mission is to collaborate among housing providers, business leaders, non-profit organizations, and government at all levels to increase the availability of rental and home-ownership housing for low-to-moderate-income Californians. Our advocacy efforts are focused on creating and preserving sustainable communities that are essential to the state’s prosperity. As a “big tent” affordable housing advocacy organization CHC’s members believe that through constructive dialogue in roundtable discussions and forums we can work to overcome policy stalemates and achieve an outcome ultimately beneficial to all.